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Touch up & Reglue

                      Violin:          Viola:            Cello:             Double bass: 

Touch up      HK$1,200    HK$1,300    HK$1,500     HK$1,500

re-Varnish     HK$4,000   HK$4,500     HK$6,500      HK$7,500

                                     Violin:          Viola:            Cello:           Double bass: 

Lining reglue              HK$1,500   HK$1,500    HK$1,500     HK$1,500

Ribs cracks               HK$1,500   HK$1,500    HK$2,500     HK$3,500

Blocks reglue            HK$1,500   HK$1,500    HK$2,500     HK$3,500

Top & back opened    HK$1,500   HK$1,500    HK$2,500     HK$3,500

Soundpost patch        HK$3,500   HK$3,500    HK$4,500     HK$4,500

Estimated lead Time: 15-30 working days*
(*The estimated lead time is only for references.

The actual lead time will depends on the insturments conditions.)

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