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Our trade-in policy allows a musician a flexible, affordable way to exchange instruments as their musical needs change. Whether it is changing sizes or stepping up to a better instrument, "Trade-in" keeps the musician in the instrument best suited for them.

The violin that was originally purchased from luthierwing workshop , will be credited up to 50% of the original purchase price.  ( luthierwing workshop出售的小提琴可抵折50%的原始購買價格)

The violin that was not originally purchased from  luthierwing workshop, may be credited at evaluated price by our technician.   ( luthierwing workshop出售的小提琴也可獲得評估後的的抵折價格)

The trade is for another instrument of greater or same value. (換購必須用於購買其他價格更高或相同的樂器)

The trade violin has been reasonably well-maintained and has not suffered any significant damage. (用於換購的小提琴必須處於良好的狀態,沒有明顯的損傷) 

Receipts from the original sale are provided by the customer. ( luthierwing workshop出售的換購小提琴,需提供原始的購買收據) 

The trade-in value of your instrument is based on the purchase price of the instrument alone, excluding the other accessories or free gift (抵折價格僅限於小提琴價格,不包括其他附件和贈品)

We are confident that you will find our quote satisfactory.  Please contact us if you have any enquires.

Thanks & Best Regards                        

for Luthier Wing Workshop                          

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