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Violin by Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi, Milano 1750

Although Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi was born in 1710, he does not seem to have taken up violin making before 1750. One possible impetus for this belated start in the trade is the arrival of G.B. Guadagnini to Milan in 1949, since Guadagnini is the obvious inspiration for Landolfi's work. In general his instruments have more in common with Guadagnini's models than with those of Landolfi's Milanese predecessors Grancino and Testore. In the last 25 years or so of his career his son and best pupil, Pietro Giovanni Mantegazza worked alongside him. 

- Length: 363mm
- Upper bout: 165mm
- Inner bout: 110mm
- Lower bout: 206mm

Italian antique violin 1750 by Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi, Milano

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